Sunday, September 26, 2004

woo. happy:)
haha. amazing what photos can do. saw the pic of us on the rolling hills of peirce reservoir and grinned like a goon. just drove past there last night: went to eat my long craved murtabak at casurina. (and saw! pui! pam! amogh! denise!) and fondly remembered how we hijacked a truck on the way out. it was so damn fun. i want to go relive tt all over again. maybe maybe i/we will get to..

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

yeah this is kinda late but still! from left to right: tianjiao! weili! hon! qianli! bean! night we went down to esplanade to catch the last fireworks. ripped this pic of bean's.

Friday, September 03, 2004

bballed and badmintonned today with sunny weili nick matthew peng2 till seven. rocked playing in the airconditioned hall at the end of the day! plus thru the ingenuity of sunny and matthew, we finally got hold of decent shuttlecocks aft smashing all of ours to bits. bball was surprisingly fun. think i am a lot more comfy with the ball now. i can shoot. wow right. v happy to find a bunch of pple (lovely lovely pple!) who will play with me even though its woah the exam period now. ivan malanar and gang scooted off:( but yes i agree tt studying is more impt than keeping fit! but i always feel so much better aft a workout of sorts.

flrball carn tmr! luyi is sick. oh dear. she better get well soon.