Sunday, August 29, 2004

it feels wrong: :( started when we parked the car and this indian guy came up to dad to ask if we wanted a carwash.three dollars only. i wish dad didnt wash his car today. dinner went by without fuss at tamako (the only fuss kicked up by the next table where there were what eight kids ok maybe they belonged to three smaller families but still.)

went to the shop next door aft dinner to buy breakfast for tmr and the grocer was such a bitch. another indian national was on the phone and obviously needed to note down sm impt number, so he borrowed a pen but tt bitchy grocer yelled nasty things at him. not as if it was a mont blanc pen. red leaf more like it. ass.

walked out to the main road and saw a lot more pple sitting in the cool night having their meal or just relaxing. it was a road flanked by parking lots and terrace houses, but they made it seem like a pretty park. i dunno lar i just felt/feel terrible having had so much for dinner i felt bloated, as usu, and here so many pple have only rice or smth along those lines. ahh it sucks. and i cant do anyth abt it. dad's pt when he sighed when i was trying to voice my thoughts was prolly: so what if i didn’t have my dinner just now. or so what if i didnt waste food or splurge or smth. my actions wont have an impact on these pple i feel bad for at all.

to make things even worse, we drove by this balding middle aged man clearing the rubbish bins along the sidewalks. dammit it’s a sunday night aft all. dun pple ever get rest? i wonder if the uncle who cleared the orchard road bus stops two/three/four years ago still shuffles ard at 6 am in the mornings. dammit. it isnt right for smone as old as him to do this.

dun tell me im in another mood swing. i am NOT ok. i just gave a lil more thought to this kind of thing today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

the summer waves of halcyon days come
tumbling to the shore
lapping in the gentlest cadence
of memories young at war

wow right. it was mr khoo-unplugged today for gp. he sang for us. wow. his voice has a lil of tt norah jones quality. very clear, clean voice. v touching to have a teacher sing for u. think today's lesson will stay with me for a long while. it's just the idea of sitting ard ur teacher chilling out to his music.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

it has been an eventful couple of days. too much to say. so in a nutshell: in chronological order, as much as i can remember it tt way. my sense of time is warped these days:

studied in sch with kai and sunny very funny. Ich.
heard ‘leaving on a jet plane in the tunnel’ again
the door opened
played a mean game of floorball
was damn high the whole day, fuelled by the absolutely glorious weather. xiaohui is a new target.
dinner at mamma lucia's. yuk. i realise how much i do not like pasta.
stayed out late with ge, went to catch comedy night in newroom bar. (it sucked. koh cheng mun pat mok and irene ang had stupid cheap jokes. plain lewd. kumar was much better, tt says a lot. but so damn crude. never again!) fell asleep in the bar.

btw, i went to sch to study, and rescue my shoes fm my locker. the police climbed over the sch gate too. so i am a Trespasser. smone else was unlucky enough to get arrested. how's tt for a sunday set aside for studying?

three things learnt:
how boring pasta really is.
how cheap sporean bar jokes are
the lengths i will go to in future not to get hassled by the police.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

i shall reflect on the past few days. sure seems like im enjoying too much. EXAMS ARE APPROACHING. WAKE UP. but oh dear i am so not psyched. sat in the library today srded by industrious pple. and yet was so terribly distracted i went off for a jog thinking tt i wld be focused aft pounding away sm frust. but oh no. i am in a surprisingly gd mood. no stress. hoho.

sunday.. went to catch the fireworks with tianjiao! bean! hk! weili! qianli! we took sm nice pics! the fireworks display was so so pretty. wish another big event like the opening of esplanade will call for fireworks tt feel like they are lighting up the skies forever. it was v romantic. wished ros was there;) for me to hug. haha. the joke abt me having unnat tendencies towards ros might woah perhaps go overboard but i dun think anyone’s irritated by it yet? in any case, bao IS so huggable!

monday.. ms lee was sweet to provide all the coloured papers for us to write comments for each other. remember the last time we did it in sec 4, i was terribly touched too. am particularly taken by the little comment bingrui made abt me: ‘contributes to an exciting school day.’ wow right. and all the other lovely comments really made me :) thank u! aft sch.. i cant remember what i did. really. shit.

tuesday. today. got burnt during the first block. chem lect test. so sorry for pissing bean off early in the morn by scratching away on my paper and banging on my calculator! had a fun day aft tt if i dun remember wrongly, taking photos (oh dear!) and chatting away fervently during physics lect. yeah and i had to waste my aftnn and evening of course. and now i’m just sleepy. and i still have tt tummy ache.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

road bike fund: $65.
yes. my new bike fund. gave dad all the disposable cash i had last mth so tt i wldnt possibly act on impulse and buy a bike and send his blood pressure shooting up again. so. i wld appreciate anyone who wld add to this fund in any way. the least is to return if borrowed. yeah. cant wait. think i’ll hit $1500 by end of As? lets just hope. then i can finally hit the roads with shiming! in our cool shades! haha. i always feel so material when discussing bikes, shades, watches with him. we have so many wants!

STANDARD CHARTERED 2004, 5 DEC (anybody joining?!! i wld love to. but woah it is daunting eh. but still. so fun!)
check out the tas website. (volunteers required as well.)
damn i think the aquathlon clashes with prelims or As. *i need a timetable!

anw oh dear my saturday is gone again! scrambled ard for lulu's present this morn before finally settling on a shirt (wow.) just before meeting him. had tea. at the jap place next to soul kitchen. because soul kitchen was closed aft lunch hour! v comfy talking with him, he never runs out of things to say! haha. hope his bday 'celebrations' started well!

haha. saw tianjiao in town again for what, the third or fouth weekend in a row? he is so funky. fireworks tmr! woo. shall get my camera cranking. and bring it to sch for the next week as well.

kekan's coming over for dinner. ge's the dinner/reception i/c for his wedding. again! (again as in reception ic for a wedding again, not kekan's wedding again) ..muse.. will be fun to help ge prepare for his wedding! shld be pretty soon no, with his friends getting married in succession.

oh! played badminton in ulu pandan cc aft chem prac yest. damn fun! winded playing singles though. everyone/anyone can play badminton! there was xiaohui christine sunny bao shifeng weili hongking and i. the guys are pro! weili’s reflexes are damn fast and hk’s smacks are ouch. of course sunny made it more memorable by smashing the shuttlecock into weili’s neck. he was her doubles partner btw. there was this middle aged man in the hall too, and according to xiaohui he's there all the time, waiting to take sm youngsters on a xiong training session! he singlehandedly, q relaxedly, left hk and weili poofed.

in any case, it was a lovely way to spend a friday evening! also played flrball in the morn. was so terribly winded then but had mr mike and yh in my team, so cld slack oops. foot's q q sore now though! but better than this morn and last night-hurt walking barefoot. but woo. more games anytime! i must take each game seriously and not slack! will try to be as driven as lulu makes elaine out to be. there are so many things to note abt each game! and what better chance to, than to learn while playing with funtabulous pple.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

nobody wld play w me today. john was complaining too, when i met him in the library. but thank u sunny for knocking sense into me! sunny's composed voice was a lil unnerving when she v tactfully mentioned how ive been busy with other things, and u know, we all know, it's time too hit the books. or it will be TOO LATE.

so yes. froze in the library for a while aft sch. aft viewing our class video. which rocks big is so lovely! will play it over and over again when i get my hands on tt clip. and smday when i'm feeling awfully lonely, i will laugh thru my tears as i watch tt. 3F (Fun Fats Friends) !!!

2 years isnt long. but many things have happened. im not talking abt BIG things (ok so there was Sars.) but the lil chats ive had, the outings, the crazy phototaking, games, trngs, gatherings, etc. etc. etc. have pieced together such an eventful 2 yrs of jc life! i cant really decide if i have changed a lot. when did i become so 'woo! crazy?' amir and shengxiang were only just recently telling me how scary/fierce i was in pri sch and perhaps early sec sch. and they are kinda amazed how erm approachable i am now;) im so going to miss rjc. what i will miss most is seeing familiar faces all ard, and being able to just stop and talk along the corridor anytime. university is gonna be so BIG eh.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

yeah and tt's sauyee. we only happen to look a little similar!

woo damn shiok aft the fwah climb up! see the pro bikes behind!

Monday, August 09, 2004

sau and i completed our first TRIathlon. nus triathlon. psyche up la. the bike leg was SHIT. really shit. the slopes were killers, to me, and i am amazed i got thru the 6 laps. of course i cursed a lot going up 2 of the particularly painful slopes. but of course i had to finish the 6 laps, with all the encouragement i got fm the friendliest bikers ard me! it feels so gd to have smone bike past (and speed past u on their oh-so-damn-chio!-pro road bikes, especially exasperating when doing downhill) yet making the effort to cheer u on. so motivating. and after the race, when these pple whom u cldnt really get a glimpse of, or thank, because u were busy grimacing ur way up a shit slope, stop in front of u and smile and exchange a few words, it just feels so damn good. (they remember u!) one of the guys was q q cute haha! ;)

oh i am q pleased with my swim and bike leg, hey i got thru them! but embarrassed abt my run. crawled thru the 5km, stopping 3 times to drink w an alarmingly relaxed attitude. but heck. it was fun.

yes. so this kind of events have got me hooked because of the sheer effervescent pple tt participate in them. i live for glorious days like this. to meet pple like this who let me to see the goodness in this world. and let me feel :).

well off to bed. with a light heart. v happy and satisfied with my day.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

shiok. v cute to see lotsa lotsa pple wearing red and white today bought the red vest sunny got for jennie love it! haha played abt one game of soccer, it was fun. so much for having complained so much abt it eh. heartwarming to see so many pple in sch then again maybe most of the j2s were there cos of the us talk aft tt. LUAN.

biked to queenstown to meet siva. thx lots to sherman for lending us/me his bike! biked ard w siva, and ended up in tiong baru plaza walking ard. so. siva likes bags, watches and shoes. and doesnt like tom hanks' type of movies except catch me if u can. and he likes the milk in coffee bean. was fun lar. reached sch 2.5 hrs or so later. too tired to go out.

too tired to study. what a stupid excuse eh. i cant decide on what i want. dammit.

another surprise today. this time on the field:) haha. surprises hit u with the fullest pleasure when u least expect it.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Civics Breakfast this morn rocked. was damned psyched up abt it, went to ghim moh early in the morn to pkt sm food for class and old friends for a happy breakfast day. felt v nice to see many many pple in ghim moh excitedly buying food for their friends too. v heartwarming. we must have this kind of activity more often. we shld have had it all along. like the termly feasts in harry potter. i hope i started yun's and em's day right for them:) shiming too, but too bad for him tt he cldnt stomach a slightly soggy waffle!

soccer practice in the aftnn. eww i suck. but had fun. reminded me of tt in yoshin chiu. (i wish to return to hamamatsu. i wonder how okaasan otoosan mari and -shit namae wo wasurechiatta for the time being- are doing. sabishii ne.) i had the time of my life in japan. sad how i dun really keep in contact with the scip pple. but hey they were there for me those three weeks of my life, and seeing their faces, hearing the eng/singlish tt came easily to their mouths, on mondays aft a whole weekend of nihongohihongo and more nihongo was such a relief.

siva and i tried to restore his cranky old road bike today without success. i wld be over the moon even with the cheapest rd bike in trek at jelita: $1025. crazy eh. trek makes gd use of its brand i must say.

tired out. noone's at home. zero motivation to do any work, as has been the case since comm tests. wth right. Pppfftthh. (how did calvin/hobbes spell it?)

nat day celebrations tmr. i hope everyone turns up. :)

kid tng na. how's momoboy doing. i hope we dun drift apart any more than this. this is the third august since i was 16!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

psyche up lar

this is the dryest description i have found for hotel in cornell so far. and it still intrigues me:

The School of Hotel Administration offers education in the numerous disciplines required for modern management in the global hospitality industry. Included in the core curriculum are courses in operations, management and organizational behavior, human resource management, finance/accounting, real estate development, food and beverage management, marketing, tourism, strategy, facilities management planning and design, communication, information systems, and law. Students also are encouraged to pursue a broad range of elective courses, including those in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, as preparation for assuming leadership positions in the business and local community.

oh! dear god, pls let me pursue this course tt i want so so badly. and of course let me have the most funtabulous work life in future, and of course a stable rice bowl too.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

had lotsa lotsa fun at kai's place. met up with the 412 pple, and spent a long time laughing in kai's room. i'm sorry i remarked so loudly abt the state of her room. it's a lovely cosy home, and her family is so funky, like her. guess what. yun em and i got to sit in her bro-in-law's convertible. as it careened round corners (we suspect he exaggerated the turns a lil just to impress us tt bit more) we got damn high and crazy yunlei just laughed like hell. she laughs as she goes down roller coasters. we all want a convertible;)

went to the scholar's choice exhibition/workshop at suntec aft college day. a complete waste of time. bah.