Friday, July 30, 2004

happy:) i cant really figure out why. but happiness doesnt demand an explanation, so i will leave it as tt and stay :).

many many philosophical questions today. i feel v unsettled every gp lesson. when mr khoo illustrates a possible scenario, i gasp in sincerity. we talked abt love today. (qianli was such a goon. he said tt love is merely a result of chemical reactions!) will love exist without sanctient beings? i thought humans defined love. then again, love could exist, just tt there is no one to perceive it. what then is the purpose of love's existance? we tried to cover 'perception' and 'existance', all to daunting for me! i wil miss gp lessons terribly. i wish we had such discussions starting fm last yr.

mr sowden is a lovely man. v touched by the way he talked to me abt my dreams! i asked him simply for sm names where i might take hotel management, and i eventually sat down and we chatted abt what matters to me, and he managed to ans a few qns i had. or rather, he gave me the answers tt i wanted to hear. he said tt if i was his daughter, he wld pack me off to hotel without hesitation. did u know tt he grew up in a hotel!

ms chua was v helpful too! and mr eric lee had ideas tt i didnt want to consider, but i guess there is wisdom in his advice too. oh dear i am feeling kinda lost!


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

happy:) had a pretty fulfilling week thus far.

monday was damn fun! sch ended damn early. had a whole aftnn crammed with Things To Do. first up on the list was buying me a helmut. mag and i strolled to henry park to check out the trek helmets. [yes i cant cant decide if helm_t is spelt with an E or U.] the cheap ($70) ones were ugly though there were both red and silver ones:) i didnt buy one in the end. got back to sch, to get jamin's bike and chionged to dolphie's house in a cab [the driver was so proud he didnt let us check his st directory, so we ended up going a big big round in west coast] with jamin's bike jutting dangerously out of the boot cos we goons didnt know how to remove the frnt wheel. hung ard in dolpie's place for a while. v cosy. her family is v warm. wow i had tt v nice fuzzy feeling in my tummy. biked back to sch with mag, aft losing ourselves for a moment along west coast highway.

planned to bike on tues, whacked a measly 12km along the canal and died aft tt. did 2.4, 11.05. v amazed tt i actualy didnt feel too bad. my last pe lesson over and done with. i will miss these lessons v v much. oh oh. we took class video before tt. damn funny! how we got the guys in white to lie on the floor to form the letters '3F'.

wed. sprinted (but but stil so v slow it's almost embarrassing!) 10km on the bike before heading for.. track and field finals! guess what. we whacked everyone else. the rain was such a spoiler. but felt v at home in the stadium, lotsa familiar faces ard. had a happy dinner at home:) aft i stuffed myself with the loveliest raspberry kirst fm the loveliest cedele. tt place makes me happy. i hope the track team is having a whale of a time now:) am so proud of them.

long day tmr too. dental. oars starting at 730. tt better end early!

yay a long week ahead, but im not dreading it aft all. maybe im dreading sunday. cos i have to hit the books then. all in good time!

mo asked me to check out ohio state u. v funny:) aww.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

today’s gotta be the coldest day in at least 5 years. hit sch at 8 for my 2.4 run but it was pouring by then. the wind was damn shiok, though it was a tad too chilly for me (how to survive the gales in korea!?) hid in my huge sweater for more than half day but my fingers still turned bluish anw. tried to study with hyan, then lu, but conc span was damn2 short. plus the council recall was a nuisance to us: v noisy! but not tt much harm done. hit town in the evening and managed to catch a bit of tapestry. not bad at all! the retro band made me smile:)

dinner at blk 1, Thomson road. beef horfun. good. in fact better than the one in ghim moh. relished the fried chicken wings. they are really2 good. ate a lot of other unhealthy shit today as well. as in a lot. unhealthy food tt didnt taste good. oh had venezia for dessert, three scoops. hazelnut still ranks no.1.

alfie was so mang zhang during the tutorial, and even more full of nonsense during prac, but tt's precisely why we love him! adrenaline rush during the VAs, i had a lot of fun.

then rg track and field dinner! v dejavu, eating at swensens ps.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

'killing urself amts to confessing. it is confessing tt life is too much for u or tt u do not understand it.'

i see suicides as a case of cowardice. but weili brought me round to another perspective: tt to dare to confess ones weakness is in itself a brave act. hmm. philo sessions during gp are interesting. mr khoo seems to have everyth reconciled. i guess it's his strong belief in his faith tt allows him to critically examine the other philosophies without getting himself all muddled up like i feel i am now.

i am going to outward bound korea. against a few odds here and there. i only wish to go with dad's blessings when the time comes. yeah psyche up! a lot of pple i know have signed up. bean sang weili ili sya charmain esther. am not very excited with the prospects of ending up in the same watch with pple i know so well though. pray let there be new different pple!! im not looking forward to the cold (but psyche up! will have solo night in an igloo of sorts;) but i will treat it as the ultimate intrusion on my physical comfort zone.

racial harmony day today. i was unhappening. v heartwarming to see derrick having so much fun with the mats. we need celebrators of differences, not tolerators.

Monday, July 19, 2004

i am at peace.

went to view the photo exhibit in tt shop lot next to the french bakery (which was closed!!) v pretty. spent q a bit of time there listening to the old man (though so sprightly!) tell me abt his trips overseas. wow. in any case, he was a ri boy, who later became a teacher, then now a photographer though he’s officially retired, appeared in the papers.


.. i set fire to my rag in bio prac. sat ard listening to qianbian jokes during the long break. had a lovely waffle in the morn thanks to eve and xiaohui. oh we are so set on taking a photo of him on the sly;). got back bio, got a B. yuk. my day in sch in a nutshell. nothing much happened..

cant wait to catch 'the return'! the russian film. i cant believe tt the lil boy actor died in tt same lake.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

thought i had a stroke. seriously. went for a short jog this morn, and other than feeling out of breath as expected, as i was walking home i suddenly realized tt i couldnt see on the left: homonymous inferior quadrantanopia. got even more freaked out when i tried reading the papers and there was just this part in front of me tt i cldnt see. suspected diabetes but tt is such a stupid guess. then the headache struck and the intense shooting pain was too much to bear, i woke ge up worried tt i might collapse before anyone else knew what happened to me. yeah ge was damn worried to trying to decide if what i had was a bad case of migraine or bleeding in my head. was to be sent to the hosp for a brain scan if i still hurt in 15 min, or start feeling half of me weakening. bundled up in ge's bad, the most comfortable place in the house and tried to sleep it off. thank god the sharp pain reduced to a throbbing, then later dull pain. so yes i am perfectly alive now. ahh i shld have gone with them to jb!!

oh the worse feeling abt the whole sick feeling is the nausea. tt route to happiness and comfort robbed, and threatened to never be returned, is a terrible scare.

almost got to watch the movie 'breakfast at tiffany's'. been searching for the book by capote too, but still no luck. funny how the title popped up in the papers yest aft my big search. had a lovely time hiding out in esplanade. comfy, quiet, serene. met tianjiao as i sorta expected! met sau in the evening to hand the tri forms. nussc is so disorg. we cldnt find them in raffles city nor shaw centre!! cheated us of our time big time. maybe i really wont join if sau cant bully the guys into handing our forms for us. i really am not prepared for the bike leg! no bike!! i shld just call up dolphie and ask to borrow. but the problem of storing the bike smwhere, and the fit mom and dad will throw when they find out tt i've snucked out on roads for bike trips! and the rules for the tri leg, i have no idea abt. ge said smth like 6m behind the bike in front of u, etc. need helmet? dolphie's bikes both have shoe clips i think. hmm.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

good day today!

in a way, eric lee started my day right-was anxious to settle the accounts so tt i can finally handover (to kevin!!) so i sorta jumped in front of him to get my sense of urgency across, and he actually said tt i had tt radiant damn psyched look. of course i am damn psyched! med fac fund isnt in deficit. in fact we have more extra $ than last year; the new batch can plan more exciting activities!!

endorphins, (plus my sugar rush fm the huge dinner and tons of bread after) are coursing thru my blood. played squash!! (lacrosse wasnt tt exciting, but still q entertaining lar. we are better off playing 4-on-4 in the squash courts) played with siva (he's on sm pitch playing hockey at this moment!!)(he is how pro) sherman (damn pro too!), vickyboy, (imagine the two of them playing together) and of course ivan. my right side might as well be almost paralysed. my foot is sore, and so's my arm. now i know how grace and leeting got their strong right arms cf their left! had a nice chat with sauyee on the ride home. her night biking exploits-wow!

yeah. dragged thru double lect again today, thankful for the company of xiaohui. she's so.. crabby smtimes. but damn fun! haha. oh. wait. i was feeling ultra crabby during chem lect. pls. er-shume. he er-shumes we love his jokes i bet. ahh he's terribly intelligent, but pls! where is rjc's quality check! correct grammar is the basic requirement!! i happeningly cant stand shit english esp if i'm sure tt these pple have the capability to speak like any other intellectual.

gp was damn fun. mr khoo is so.. funny. hahaha. he got red just exclaiming abt the weak arguments in the comm test compre passage. i must psyche up abt gp!!

yeah. it was dun bumming ard with sm of the class just now before pe. it's international icecream day today!!! or is it international eat icecream day. in any case, to celebrate it, bean and sunny went out to get us a tub of icecream tt we promptly wiped out. oomph.

just thinking abt smth weili said. amazing how my friends bear with my mood swings. and are even nice and sweet abt it smtimes. thank u:)

Monday, July 12, 2004

endorphins cant keep me charged me much beyond the first three hours of sch though i tried hard to push the limits and sustain the rush; everyone else was in good spirits too, prac was enjoyable. but. was so dissed by bio lect tt the 2 chatty, otherwise harmless, guys in the corner would have gotten a lashing fm me had bingrui not been in the way. then an sms! refueled my potential for easy laughter -contagious, not jarring on the ears i hope!- and tt wholesome feeling of high-ness (it feels so damn gd. drugs must make pple feel like tt. i wld be addicted.) tt sm pple might not understand, but spreads so easily to sm other pple. he has never seen tt side of me. he wld go crazy with me, i know and i'd love tt.

sabishii :'(

'a clockwork' orange is getting me grumpier with the messed up Nadsat, the made up Russian influenced slang used. needa get out of this rut.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

tshirt design. 'real girls play real games'. cute eh. i want! checking out the rules of lacrosse now.. we are gonna play tt for pe next week!!

Lacrosse began as a sport played by Native American Indians in preparation for war. It was played very much like it is by women today: a ball is passed in the air from stick to stick until a player has a shot at the goal. There were, and are, no boundaries to the field.
Today, women's lacrosse is the best sport on the planet: it takes strength, skill and strategy, and is beautiful when played well. This site is dedicated to spreading women's lacrosse across the country and around the globe. It will give you all kinds of information about the sport, including how to bring it to your school or institution
How To Play
A game begins when the two centers from each team "draw" at the center of the field: a ball is placed between their two sticks pressed together back-to-back. When the umpire calls "draw," the centers attempt to control the ball when they push the ball up and out of the circle -- the area around the face-off. (Think of the tip-off in basketball.)
Then, the players around the circle -- usually the attack wings, defense wings, 3rd Homes and 3rd Men from both teams -- sprint for the descending ball. Once control is attained by a team, it works pretty much like some other sports: players run and pass the ball to push it down field toward the goal.
Cradling is the method by which a player holds the ball in the stick's pocket. Unlike men's lacrosse, women's sticks may not have a deep pocket in which to hold the ball securely; a player "cradles" the ball to keep it in the pocket. Cradling uses centripetal force -- the force generated by moving something in a circle -- to press the ball into the back of the pocket. (You can feel centripetal force at the amusement park when a ride spins and pushes you out from the axis around which you're turning.)
To learn to cradle, hold a pen or pencil with your right fist around the top, and the left hand around the bottom (for lefties, reverse it -- left hand on top.) Now bring both fists and the pen to your right shoulder, keeping the pen vertical. Then bring it to your left shoulder, keeping the pen vertical. Although you won't be able to see the centripetal force at work using this example, very basically, this is cradling.
When a player has an opening to the goal, she shoots the ball by pushing the head of the stick forward, and pulling the the shaft back. The shots can be extremely accurate and fast.
Passing is the fastest way to get the ball down field, but it can also be one of the hardest things to do. Releasing the ball with speed and accuracy can take LOTS of practice to make it effective.
Passing is done in the same manner as shooting, but catching the pass is often the hardest part. Not only does the ball have to land in your stick, but you must also learn to put the catch immediately into a cradle to gain control of the ball and prevent yourself from being checked.
Checking is the technique in which a series of short, sharp, controlled strikes to an opponent's stick is used to force a player carrying the ball to drop it.
A player can check the head or shaft of the stick, or body check.
Body checking sounds like a player would strike an opponent's body, but it's actually accomplished when a defender sticks close to her opponent in an effort to intimidate the player into dropping the ball, or changing the opponent's path towards the goal.

1. Before the game begins, the umpires check every stick for legality. The most common illegality in a stick is that its pocket is too deep. The strings at the bottom of the stick's head can be pulled to tighten the pocket.
2. If a player commits a foul, the umpire blows the whistle and play stops. The player fouled wins or retains the ball, while the player who fouled her is moved several yards behind or to the side of the player she fouled.
3. If a major foul is committed in the arc by the defense, the umpire blows the whistle, and a "free shot" on goal is taken by the player fouled. All of the defense players are required to clear the arc to the border closest to which they were standing when the whistle blew. The attack player who was fouled takes her place at the hash mark closest to which she was standing when she was fouled. The defense must move away at least four meters from the fouled player. When the umpire blows the whistle again, the player can take a shot on goal or pass while the defense moves in.
4. There are no boundaries to the field, but if a ball enters an area that is dangerous, unplayable or not clearly visible to the umpire, the player who retains it or is closest to it (if the ball has been grounded), at the umpire's whistle wins it. The player then waits for the second whistle to begin play again, either by running with or passing the ball.
5. When the umpire blows the whistle because a foul has occurred, or the ball has gone "out of bounds" all players must stop and check all forward movement. Play resumes and the players can move when the umpire blows the whistle again.
6. Checking -- the method by which a player knocks the ball from another's stick -- is prohibited when it is: directed toward the face; uncontrolled; holding down the other's stick,or when the checker's stick is too close to the head or face.
7. Defensmen may not remain in the arc without guarding another player for more than three seconds.
8. When the ball is grounded, covering it with the back of a stick's net, and preventing play by another player is prohibited.
9. No players, other than the goalie, may enter the circle around the goal cage if the goalie is present.
10. When a foul occurs, the player who was fouled is allowed a free shot at the goal, with the defense pushed to the perimeter around the arc.

· Checks each player's cross for "legality" (that the pocket's not too big, or the shaft too long) before the game.
· Uses a whistle to denote a foul.
· Can confer a yellow and/or red card on a player who committed a severe foul, or who has repeatedly committed the same foul. When a player receives a yellow card, she is warned that she is in danger of being ejected from the game. If a player is given a red card, she is ejected.
· When a foul is committed, the umpire will blow the whistle and determine whether the foul is major or minor. Penalties are more severe for major fouls than minor ones.
· If a player commits a minor foul, she must forfeit possession of the ball (if she has it) and move four meters either to the side or in front of the player whom she fouled.
· If a player commits a major foul, she must forfeit possession of the ball (if she has it) and move four meters behind the player whom she fouled. umpires can require a longer distance if the foul was reckless.

turned out to be a long eventful day aft all. v glad tt i made it for mjing’s surprise party, possible thanks to the effort of alina and quanyao, so sweet of them to plan it! pui, pam, ivy and derrick (yes tt interesting j1. he thought i was wanling or smth aft having sat ard with him for 2 hours?) made up the rest of the party. relaxing to just sit ard and.. talk. mjing means a lot to me, so at least spending a few hours with her on her bday is significant to me. (met april!!)

met ge who was high tea-ing at hyatt, but the food sucked so i wandered off to kill time before dinner (met adeline!!) since i felt kinda out of place with his friends, mostly those i havent met before. covered sm shops before finding a comfy spot in borders to read. started on albert camus' 'the plague'. his other books look v exciting. i plan to hide there tmr to read while the rest of the on pple go watch 'mean girls'. ge came along shortly and we went.. shopping. sort of. was kinda bored with the shops, but decided tt i wanted the nike biking jersey, so dragged him to 4 nike shops.

hung ard ttsh for q a while waiting for mom and dad. walked past the mortuary and smelt a rather familiar smell. i wont call it an odour. it's a v salty meaty smell.. ge said it was the smell of dead bodies. seriously. so now i know.

met mom and dad for dinner (v late since they were stuck in jb again) at si chuan dou hwa restaurent or smth at parkroyal hotel or smth. another ala carte buffet. tt is q q good. jieming wld love the crunchy prawns there. ate tons of them, and no allergic rxn! the specialty there is the tea.. where 'trained wushu' chinaman sprays jets of water into ur cup fm far far away. nice. everyone was extremely jovial and dinner dragged till q q late. happy:)

talked at length abt my future. hmm. hmm. in ten yrs time, will i still have the same energy towards travelling and meeting pple? what is the worse case scenario in hotel management? worse still: will i get tired of studying, and realise (too late?) tt i am not cut out for this? muse.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

dad is such a clown. he messed up his dates and so everyone's gotta rescheldule our weekends again. but it's alright,it's been/will be such a slack weekend!

(and dad jives to buble!! he did this lil jig when 'crazy lil thing called love' played, which got me rolling in laughter. and ge cld just imagine it when i msged him lar. imagine pa taking dance lessons. dancing like hal jam. hohoho.)

mo's at summer sch and working (yes, working to save $!. !. sensible mo is still kinda hard to imagine, though he's gonna be adult-adult in less than half a year's time.) great to know tt thing's are going great!

considering joining nus tri.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

catch ‘super size me’ if u lack just tt lil shove to turn vegan. watched it w weili aft sch. it’s effects were kinda obvious on him: he barely sipped at his (sugared) ice tea nor whacked the fries aft his taco. i happily snapped up my taco and chomped on more soggy fries than usu (maybe to relate better to morgan) though. it’s terribly stupid to die of fatness. \

the songs in the movie are funtabulous. so funny! esp the closing song. there was one song tt went along the lines of ‘yummy3 look at my tummy’. remembered how siva [the sji one] recruited his Frog Cult in changi safra, and had us singing ‘yummy3 I’ve got flies in my tummy’ as we lay sprawled out all over the playgrd tt night.

in any case, i was motivated enough by the movie to make sure tt i walked more than 4000 steps today. so i got off at admiralty and took a lovely stroll home. no sweat in this terrific weather! it seemed much shorter when mo walked w me though. but enjoyed the walk lots. saw many kids in tt familiar maroon shorts/pinafore. i miss the old campus of wps! [woodlands pri sch forever.. none more loved can be, sch and town forever..:)] i relive the time mdm juliet handed me tt tie in p3, tt time she cried, the times she attempted to sing to entertain us [whitney houston!] and the embarrassment when other teachers walked by our classrm [3H] on the 2nd level, with their classes. i remember the lil pep talks she gave me abt my temper and how i must be patient. i have no doubt tt she cared lots for me and i love her for tt. i hope she’s having a whale [the essay i wrote abt the beached whale!] of a time with her grandkids, giving cynical advice.

abt our rj siva: u shld see his wide-eyed disbelief when ivan m and i tried to smoke him abt our run. his face was so so funny. such a nice guy, my hockey capt. meeting at al-azar on tmr night for supp!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

watched japanese story. it’s a v quiet show of little dialogue or action. but therein lies the beauty and power of it. i cldnt understand what the handsome [this fits her than ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ does] sandy edwards (toni collette) saw in tachibana hiromistsu. maybe this is true: “love is the only rational act.” –Levine. cried my eyes out near the end. it's the kind of movie u shldnt watch with friends if u dun wanna be caught tearing cos the credits roll when u are barely done with a gd cry. but wow. it's so simple and pretty.

day2 of term3. what a drag. didnt feel constructive at all. guess my attitude wasnt exactly the best a student shld have. was dying for the 1230 bell to go. went to the library to pick up a couple of books. (!!:)!) while some friend(s), brilliant according to everyone, hit the heavy textbooks and god knows which twenty or thirty year series. fine, these pple deserve to get straight As. they had better.

shagged. swam v lil today but metabolism was low what with the drizzle. off to catch sm shut eye before doing smth constructive hopefully.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

ugly bruised ankle. twisted it slightly at tennis yest but guess modified 4-on-4 lacrosse and floorball!! proved a lil too taxing on my weak legs. heh. floorballed with the guys and sir aft pe till 6 plus. lost any skills tt i might have had but sir didn’t say anyth. and i had fun anw so shant worry abt tt.

anw i tennis-ed with jen and sunny yest at yishun safra. the pool is so pretty! so sad it rained, so our playing time got cut short.

town is so so quiet on a monday night. met fuzz, jiahui, vania and pui for dinner at rice table. it really wasnt value for $ considering we ate only one round. but it was a lovely place and talk. jiahui and pui were quiet.. jiahui was tired and i guess pui has always been the listener. miss the good times we had together in 211:)

first day in sch was a pain. i died in gp. i bloody cant string words together into a 'topic sentence' much less an essay. help. damn frust. was so restless thru math shifeng and qq said i was like a drug addict. froze my ears off in physics [yes it was double lect!!] and slept thru most of mr wong's. shlda have psyched up since i only woke up when he was abt to let us off. but hoho. i got 70/80 for chem. amazed.

ive got japanese story, thx to weili! and mayday concerts to watch, thx to jieming! and i still havent finished nightmare yet;p haha.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee"
-john donne
(i didnt know tt he was afraid of death. yes now i recall. he wrote: death be not proud.)

i reek of peanut butter.

went for the streetwise run just now. it started to pour once i got out of the underpass. met yazid with his v cute (g?) friend in the tunnel, with the wind howling overhead. wow. it felt wonderful with the wind rushing at my face and the water droplets falling faster and faster, and harder and harder. retreated to macs cafe for the nxt hr before sss dom came along with adi. tt lil boy sure has sm stamina! i wish i got to talk to him a lil more. ivan m and i ran with him.. i died.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

hoho. just called the friendly neighbourhood police. crazy mats screeching bon jovi’s it’s my life across the st. decided not to risk getting mauled again by doing smth foolish. v disappted in our police who obviously didnt do anyth constructive in maintaining serenity even past 12. called them again and they said they would 'check'. so fuyan.

read 'tuesdays with morrie' again [got tired of 'for whom the bell tolls'] and yes got sad all over again. morrie talked abt the tension of opposites.. v relevant to my feelings yest morning. was in sort of a dilemma. one part of me dying to get out of the house, hide smwhere, selfishly indulge myself in my book. the other part of me knew i shld stay behind to help. so i dallied for a long time before realising tt i wasnt gonna be of help. sucked. in any case i ended up at starbucks freezing to my bone marrow again reading hemingway. i'm afraid tt it's q dry even on my 2nd attempt at reading it. but forced myself to read for 3 hrs. yeah like get lost in tt book u know.

but. haha. succumbed to the inviting sun and headed out. suddenly felt like talking to smone. bumped into jieming, maybe the only other loner in town. and stuck w him till aft dinner. amazing how easy it is to talk to sm pple. but anw had lotsa laughs and easy conversation while peeking at the prices of watches and browsing thru other stuff. and we saw ‘ah jiao’ at lamianxiaolongbao. or rather I saw her while jieming tried hard to nonchalantly walk back into the restaurent. hoho. yest wasnt a holiday wasted mostly cos of the companionship [though badly misread by sm pple!] i guess. besides tt three hours of dry hemingway. reading is therapeutic lar:)

finally met up w lulu, my sms buddy. today. ate at modestos. give me cpk anytime! though sm stuffed pasta we had is nicer than spageddies. it was nice listening to lulu talk. all at one go. hahaha. i believe he is the one tt cant go one minute not talking!

ohohoh. meeting fauziah vania and jiahui on monday night! nver been out with three of them at one shot. will be lotsa loud laughter and arguing i bet. fun! needa get smth for DOD!

oh. watched the paris hilton show. 'the simple life' or smth. damn turned off by the two damned brats. not funny! oh and caught a little of 'faking it'. interesting.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

wasting time - blink182 [damn cute!]

I'm wasting time thinking about a girl
And stealing her away from her world
She and I would run away
I think of all the things that I'd say

We'd talk about important things
And I picture it in my dreams
She'd teach me about modern art
And I'd show her it's okay to fart and

Maybe I'd impress her
By being in a band and
Maybe if I act real tough
She'd let me hold her hand and
Maybe I'll win her heart
By writing this song about her

Sometimes I sit at home and
Wonder if she's sitting at home
Thinking of me and wondering if I'm
Sitting at home, thinking about her

Or am I just wasting my time

Remembering how she laughed at Kinko's
When I made fun of that guy
Remebering the look she gave me
When I told her that I used to fry

I really want to ask her out
But my ego could never take it
And even if I got the balls
You know that the Cougar would never make it

And in my town you can't drive naked

And maybe I'd impress her
By being in a band and
Maybe if I act real tough
She'd let me hold her hand and
Maybe I'll win her heart
By writing this song about her

Sometimes I sit at home and
Wonder if she's sitting at home
Thinking of me and wondering if I'm
Sitting at home, thinking about her
Or am I just wasting my time

Am I just wasting my time
Am I just wasting my time
Am I just wasting my time
Wasting my time thinking about a girl

dun u just sit ard thinking abt smone. who has the uncanny ability to make u laugh so hard, and cry so hard. in any case u always wonder if he/she's thinking abt u too.. and when u find out [or u just know] tt he/she is, isnt tt feeling just oh so wonderful.

"i believe there is a hero in all of us, gives us strength...makes us noble...even though sometimes we have to give up the thing we want the most."

yay. watched spider man with the class. nice. i want the spiderman soundtrack. spiderman shld be cuter. and guess what we took neoprints again. its damn hot having 12 of us squeezing into tt tiny lil cubicle. cut my hair (at yess in cine. its a q nice place) aft a v v long walk with christelle, and catching up a lil on each others lives hoho;) happy. in fact i was so high on my way home, i must have looked deranged bouncing along to bangy music and singing to myself.

mood shifted on stepping home though. dammit lar. im so tired of this cycle of events. stuffed myself [crystal jade’s cheese tarts are really q nice] and of course i feel worse than before. what else can I do.

well this week has seen a very different side of me.. ive never been nervous for any exams or tests before but emily, serene and yunlei infected me with their jitters before the first paper! haha. other than today's disaster memory loss for chem, this common test has been much more pleasant than the previous. getting lotsa sleep [whether planned or not-was hit by the blackout on tues night and slept on aft the lights came on half an hr later!:p and my clock stopped in the middle of wednesday night!] has helped me tackle the papers with more vigour i think. but yar lar exams are so tiring. math left me a zombie. (as i keep saying: i better not get E! hahaha.)