Tuesday, June 29, 2004

lost momentum. cant get down to math. horrors! haha. there wont be time for chem looking at the way things are going. cant believe i slept fm 930 last night to 8 this morn. at least i managed to finish reading everyth before going in. i cant believe i forgot to underline my species names. i always thought tt those who forgot have got to be complete goons.

Date: Sunday, 4th July 2004.

Event: The Streetwise Run is a nationwide campaign to deter juvenile delinquency and promote community awareness of youth issues. It is organised by Beyond Social Services and supported by the National Youth Council and is part of the Milk Money Fund.

The campaign will comprise a series of awareness programmes that culminates with a Youth Day Celebration at East Coast Park, Carpark F2 after the run. The celebration also features a youth concert and carnival. It promises to be a meaningful Youth Day Celebration for the young, the young at heart and those with a heart for the young!

getting high on the songs Buddy burnt for me. v cute :)

Saturday, June 26, 2004

just did a rorschach [is this the right spelling] test online by tickle [www.web.tickle.com]. interesting. i wonder how it works. maybe i shld take up psychodunnowhat analysis. will always think of 'flowers for algernon' when anyone mentions inkblots.

"hon, your subconscious mind is driven most by Imagination

This means you have a deep desire to use innovative ideas to enhance your life and influence the world around you. This drive influences you far more than you may realize on a conscious level.

Your need to be innovative drives how you look at new opportunities and the kinds of experiences in life you choose to have. On an unconscious level, the reason you may be so driven by imagination is your fear of destruction, the opposite of creation. When you are unable to create due to restrictions imposed by your environment or even ones you unwittingly impose on yourself, do you feel trapped or confined? You may find these feelings of unease only get better when you find another outlet for your imagination.

With such a strong creative orientation, you are willing to entertain a broad spectrum of ideas at any given time. The world is a fuller, richer place because you can contribute new ideas to any experience. Your natural curiosity inspires those around you and encourages them to come up with ideas they wouldn't have thought of without your help.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Imagination, there is much more to who you are at your core.

huh. it isnt v enlightening is it. so disappting.

wait. one more bit tt is really q true: "People who have unconscious minds driven by imagination tend to be energetic types who possess a passion for life. As a result, they may also be happy for almost any excuse to celebrate." in fact i bet sm pple think i get too excited too often eh;)

the kids taking part in the aquathlon today were so damn cute. i was helping in the transition area, so i got to interact with them, bring their stuff to their boxes and lay it out for them etc. my god sm of them were really adorable! and they are v strong swimmers and runners.. my kids are so gonna have the chance to take part in all these exciting events! i wish i was exposed to these.. and u know what, when i have kids, i’m gonna stay fit so tt i can take part in the adults race aft my kids have raced. cool.

there was no sun today. damn the haze :( but it was still super draining smhow. just cabbed back in time for supper. fever:s gotta go sleep it off and pray it wont kill my physics paper!!

oh. but shawn is making damn a lot of noise on the staircase. he has an obsession for staircases and the word 'up'. so i hear pattering as he tries to scramble up the stairs before kb picks him up and shouts of 'up! up!' and baby curse words when he gets dragged down to start the game all over again.

oh. u wont believe who i saw today in sentosa!! auntie huili and uncle yong and sean and selvin. didnt recognise them at first but blur uncle yong v confidently called my name. oh dear i cldnt remember their names all of a sudden. v happy, got mom to call them up just now. yay it's gd to remake contact v lovely neighbours:)

v impt thing to note down:
my dream holiday destination:
the polynesian islands.
watch ian wright's intro to those islands and u will understand why i am so bowled over.

i am q sure tt i dun want to go there for my honeymoon though [assuming i get married and then have kids tt will be active and cute]
i think i wld go either alone or with a close friend who understands when i want to be alone and just sit on the beach alone, or stare at the sunrise at 5 in the morn on the top of the mt. and who can carry my heavy bag on the trek up wld be a bonus of course;)
i will go get a tiny tattoo done by tt man in tahiti. maybe a tortoise or a star. and i will go fishing and snorkel. wow. i will work damn hard to earn enough for an extended stay there if i really take to tt place. wow.

Friday, June 25, 2004

well done. ive got the sniffles the teary eyes and congested lungs. was so tempting to pop more than one panadol just now [hoho to max it at 2 pills only lar] in my enthusiasm to get well fast maybe i wld have been fine if i was studying in the well ventilated canteen instead of being cooped up in my room with a sniffling tutee. she doesn’t even have exams. looks like this sunday will have to be taken for studying, the horror of all horrors: physics. i just better not get any sicker at the beach tmr. !! hahaha. at least i get to soak up the sun for many many hours aft preparing lunch/whatnot for the other volunteers. while joyce writes on hundreds of pple and kevin slogs away dragging the mats and tents at 7am in the morn and prolly 7pm at night. maybe i shld feel lucky.

i am damn flattered to be weili's 'hardest person to talk to on the phone'. >.< it better not be the case for everyone else. well he is the 'hardest person to elicit an sms response'. the rest wld agree, non?

then came home to be entertained by yugi's wedding video! the indo wedding ceremony is a bit of a mix btwn the proper chinese one in spore and the malay one. a lot more chinese though, which only makes sense since he's only the 3rd? generation out of china.

ohoh. buddy burnt me a cd of the songs he likes. which i think i will like. sweet:)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

i think rj shld set aside an hour every week for sch clean up. it’s vile having the old uncles and aunties clambering onto ladders wiping the tiles and the fans. do we not have enough young able bodied boys to handle these menial jobs which are quite easily done [what does q.e.d. really stand of anw?] by anyone more agile? im sure the girls wld willingly do it too. i wld. sure, we dun wanna deprive them of their ricebowl, but surely there is no need to put them thru precarious tasks! besides it wld only do good for sm of us, who dun lift a finger at home, to be exposed to the experience of cleaning up aft oneself.

i miss trng. miss the times in ri, with the snrs and jnrs. talking to yilin and kit now just doesnt seem the same. v happy when i got to catch up tt lil bit with hazwani. hello girl! dare u to play with me!;) [so i can practise too;)] mwaha. hey at least my balls dun go out onto the main road anymore ok! june is the damn exciting time of the year for trackers, swimmers and the other few ccas gearing up for the final seasons! woo i get winded just watching them train. high hopes for our track team this yr! esp the guys i heard.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

two pple who suck at tennis shldnt play together:p ivan and i cant play for nuts! was damn tired aft an hour plus of ball picking.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

..jacob's hunger..
ge asked me to read up a lil more on pws and angelman syndrome cos he found it exciting.. he actually set plug on jacob when he was working in the paeds ward.

anw, here goes:

"PWS is an example of "genetic imprinting," a process well known in plant genetics but not previously identified in humans. What this means is that some of our genes have to come from a particular parent in order to work (normally, genes work no matter which parent they come from). These rare genes are said to be "imprinted"—they are either turned "on" or "off," depending on which parent contributed the gene. In the "Prader-Willi region" of chromosome 15 (the area where the deletion occurs), there are two or more genes that must come from the baby’s father in order to work. In Prader-Willi syndrome, these critical genes are either missing, or they were not properly imprinted to be turned "on" in the chromosome that came from the father.

Also in the chromosome 15q11-q13 region is one gene that is imprinted to be turned "on" only in the mother’s chromosome. When this gene is missing or not working properly on the mother’s chromosome 15, the result is an entirely different syndrome called Angelman syndrome . PWS and AS are sometimes called "sister" syndromes even though the disorders are not alike.

The Three Genetic Forms of PWS

1. Paternal deletion — (about 70%)
2. Maternal uniparental disomy (UPD) — (about 25%)
- the baby inherits both copies of chromosome 15 from one parent—the mother. (disomy=two chromosomes)
- the developing baby usually starts out with three copies of chromosome 15 (a condition called trisomy 15) because somehow there was an extra number 15 in the mother’s egg. Later, one of the three is lost—the chromosome 15 that came from the father’s sperm.
3. Imprinting mutation — (<5%)
- the PWS genes on the father’s chromosome are present but do not work because the imprinting process that normally switches them to "on" did not do its job. The imprinting process is controlled by a tiny imprinting center on chromosome 15 in the same area as the important genes. When there is a mutation (a change) that affects this tiny control center, imprinting doesn’t happen and the PWS genes from the father will not work as they should. A mutation can appear suddenly, or it can be present in the father’s chromosome that he got from his mother. If he received the mutation from his mother, the father would not have PWS himself (because it’s on his maternal chromosome 15), but he could pass it on to his child. In this case, there is a 50-50 chance that any child he has will receive the chromosome with the mutation instead of the one that’s working correctly. Likewise, the father’s siblings could carry and pass on the mutation to their children."

so basically...
chromosome 15:
maternal uniparental disomy = prader willi syndrome
paternal uniparental disomy = angelmann syndrome

Friday, June 18, 2004

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."
-George Sand

comfortable - john mayer/clay cook/paulo santos

i just remember that time at the market
you snuck up behind me
and jumped on my shopping cart
you rolled down aisle five

you looked behind you to smile back at me
crashed in to a rack full of magazines
they asked us if we could leave

can't remember
what went wrong last September
though i'm sure you'd remind me if you had to

our love was comfortable
and so broken in

i sleep with this new girl
i'm still getting used to
my friends all approve saying 'She's gonna be good for you'
they throw me high fives

she swears the bible is all that she reads
prefers that I not use profanity
your mouth was so dirty

life of the party
and she swears that she's artsy
but you could distinguish Miles from Coltrane

our love was comfortable
and so broken in
she's perfect, so flawless
or so they say
yeah, so they say

she thinks I can't see the smile thats she's faking
and poses for pictures that aren't being taken

i loved you
gray sweatpants
no makeup
so perfect

our love was comfortable
and so broken in
she's perfect, so flawless
i'm not impressed
i want you back

< interlude >
oh, thought you were my first love
tt's just dumb love, a technicality

tennis-ed:)starting to fulfil my goals the day i "rejoined the living". two days in a row. yest was with lau2, sunny, ivan malanar and mingquan. i’m afraid the pe lessons last yr did not make their impression.. my balls flew all over. but it was better today. sunny is v patient. i had a lot a lot of fun, and it is a gd form of exercise.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

woo. i am damn high aft a swim aft bumming in town aft FACTION CAMP aft sleeping abt 2 hrs in total last night. got lots and lots to say abt camp! it was fun. am v glad tt i gave the dentist a miss and reached sch early.

so.. the million dollar question: "to love or to be loved"? it's so hard to answer..

oh it was sad tt we were just short of 50% of the med fac comm. damn disappting. but like shiming voiced out: this camp is the last thing we can do for faction. and if pple cant be bothered, then it's just too bad. it goes to show just tt lil bit more abt tt person lar. ..commitment is a v big word to me now.

anw. it was v heartwarming to see the fresh new faces. we were just like them. so full of ideas and ideals. we were all set to make changes man. i pray tt this batch will hold on to this passion and this sense of togetherness thruout their term and beyond. esp since we have tried to lay down directions for them already.

am v impressed with a lot of pple. i thought tt the camp was well run. kudos to the fac capts. i admire their stamina, having stayed over one extra night and having worked so hard thruout the hols and even before tt. they are not our fac capts for nothing and i must say tt i am proud of them. the night activities was v well run. well done hyan and chaimm. everyone knew what to do, which was q amazing. it officially started at 1 am and lasted till 5 plus. q a pity tt the water bombs were not utilized to the fullest. oh boy let me tell u tt filling 600 water bombs wasnt v fun. i am q embarrassed by my crankiness, trying to spray pple and wanting to throw bombs every 5 min.

most of us managed to squeeze in a 1 hr power nap before we had to drag ourselves us at 6 plus. haha. it was damn funny seeing everyone grouchy as they tried to drag themselves out of smelly sofas and for those who slept on the hard hard floor, all the groans. think i was the only one feeling damn refreshed. i dunno why.

i am on auto pilot now. not really processing my thoughts. heh. the bottomline is: i am v glad for this camp. i believe the objectives have been met. so it's now up to the j1s to take the initiative, and of course for us j2s to encourage their hearts.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

and tt's us last yr! see suria in the bckgrd? haha i have a nicer pic with him POSING for OUR cam. i wonder if he is still running.

yes. tt's us in 2004.

i really saw this! the last time i saw a rainbow was in sch.. no one else was as excited as i was:( am just digging up old feel-good pics lar.

saw this a long while ago in aust. found it damn funny.


guess who i met at satay club. jas and his gf again. ..pored over the cd covers when mom and dad were grocery shopping. on my wish list are:

1. micheal buble. [yes i still havent bought it yet though i love all the old songs!]
2. frank sinatra. [the one i got for mo]
3. jet
4. i cant remember. but it's a collection of all the old jazzy songs. like 'the way u look tonight'! just tt it's the one by billie holiday.

in an oldie mood! but must stop myself fm buying more cds. not the right way to burn $! mustmust find a way to burn cds.

anw. was wondering what agent orange was, aft listening to BFS and watching eternal sunshine and coming across it many times in mags. so BFS was talking abt the punk rock band, obviously. the 'agent orange' i prolly read abt in my hist text? however is this:

"Agent Orange was the code name for a herbicide developed for the military, primarily for use in tropical climates. Although the genesis of the product goes back to the 1940's, serious testing for military applications did not begin until the early 1960's.

The purpose of the product was to deny an enemy cover and concealment in dense terrain by defoliating trees and shrubbery where the enemy could hide. The product "Agent Orange" (a code name for the orange band that was used to mark the drums it was stored in, was principally effective against broad-leaf foliage, such as the dense jungle-like terrain found in Southeast Asia.

The product was tested in Vietnam in the early 1960's, and brought into ever widening use during the height of the war (1967-68), though it's use was diminished and eventually discontinued in 1971."

my god. the thing to note is the multiple :( side effects including Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. mainly caused by dioxin aka “TCDD". so the veterans of the vietnam war actually get compensation.

"the children of Vietnam veterans suffering from the serious birth defect spina bifida, which has been linked to the veterans’ exposure to Agent Orange. Congress passed the legislation, marking the first time our nation had ever compensated the children of veterans for a birth defect associated with their parent’s exposure to toxic chemicals during their military service. VA is now providing benefits to over 800 children, including minors and adults."

Saturday, June 12, 2004

stupid comp got whacked by a virus. had to wait for ge to finally come home and treat it. am so IT incompetent it is not good.

spent the last two days in sch hitting math. sch is lovely when it is quiet. i love the space ard me. and it’s v nice to have many friends popping by fm time to time to alleviate the boredom. sunny has been a consistent driving force, and we seem to get bored at the same time, so tt’s one lunch/chat companion ive got! got to know a lil bit more abt kevin as well. tt kampung boy is back in kl. i hope his tummy ache is alright! there were lotsa j3/4/5/6s back as well to play soccer netball etc. kinda noisy, but i understand. why dun girls come back as often to do fun stuff. oh oh. EESANG: i met cf. and told him abt the blissfully married j3 couple. guess what he said!?

i am terribly behind everyone else in revision [pls, im still doing my tutorials]

Monday, June 07, 2004

"How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd"

- Alexander Pope
from Eloisa to Abelard

[the entire poem is damn long. http://eir.library.utoronto.ca/rpo/display/poem1630.html]

had q an exciting day! the starbucks opp lido is the quietest coffee place on monday morn. i drank waaaayy too much coffee and breathed in so much coffee fumes [lovely!] tt i got damn floaty. and of course i had to pee every hour. but i just love sitting at these places. for long periods of time. alone with my book. still havent found 'the bear went over the mountain'!

will catch prisoner of azkaban with mom. v happy tt she liked the frozen strawberries fm mos burgers:)

still needa do shopping!

Friday, June 04, 2004

was a passive smoker for 3 hrs last night at walawalas. just sat there [im spozed to feel lucky tt i got a seat on my first visit] and listened to the live band play all the songs tt i could sing/shout along with. it was fun with the packed crowd damn loud and screaming the choruses of nice songs tt make u nod/bounce/shake in synchrony like u are all on crack. my ears rang more like hell w each progressive set thru the night. i think this is the closest ill get to clubbing. am not in the least interested in dancing or shit music, though ge insists tt not all clubs are like this. well the unglam queue outside chinablack a couple of nights ago sure didn’t intrigue me. last night would have been a 100% lovely experience if not for the smoke.. [when/if ge/i finally set up our own café/bar/makan place,etc, i will banish smokers. at least to tables outside.] imagine my horror [ok not tt exaggerated] when my cousin started to puff too. learnt tt it is easy to pick out smokers: by looking at stained teeth, or rather tooth-only one tooth is stained especially yellow.

so clawed our way out past midnight; ge was dead beat. i doubt i’ll ever get to go with my own friends: 1) mom and dad will scream if im out tt late and come back reeking of smoke and booze [although mom used to be happening! and partied a lot apparently, while dad was the super guai ‘shy’ boy:p] 2) no car. 3) cant remember. but it doesn’t matter. this kind of places ought to be visited in moderation [though the music rocks!] or u really end up with clogged lungs. ok i just have smth against smokers lar.

talked a lot abt $ and what we want in life, on the ride back. or rather, ge did the talking cos i know nuts abt $. and abt life. a lot of questions abt my uni studies popped out. i need to talk to smone who has done hotel management! i need to know: what it all entails, if i qualify, if i’m suitable, what kind of things will i do, will i get a job easily on graduation, … maybe keatloon will have an idea.

well it’s a glorious saturday! gonna play floorball in sch later! woo.

holy shit. i realize how inaccurate my understanding/memory is, on reading the same article twice. read abt the brain and balance. so. basically, the sense of balance stems fm tiny hair cells in the inner ear tt are srded by a layer of gel. when ur head moves, the gel is pushed against the hair cells, and info is relayed to ur brain. this system is called the ‘vestibular sense’. pple have lost this sense of balance due to an antibiotic, gentamicin, which has a :(side effect: ‘ototoxicity’. ie it kills the hair cells. [these pple call themselves the Wobblers. !.] anw, technology is v exciting: the apparatus for these pple to stay balanced includes a hat containing an accelerometer tt registers movements and relays the info to electrodes placed in the person’s mouth erm basically there is a circle [not a ball!] on a grid on the tongue and the circle must stay centered to keep balance.

yeah. on clearing tt up, much to the mirth of ge, who incidentally gives me crap explanations smtimes, am off for supp/chill out at walaaswalaas[?] or smth to tt effect, at holland v i think.

hmm. just back fm the furthest dist i've covered this week. still a far cry fm 10 km i think. got a stitch the moment i turned out to the main road. and practiced the new things i learnt yest:) i read a lot of articles tt said tt stitches are due to muscle spasms when air is trapped beneath the diaphragm. -cough-. where did my membrane theory disappear to!

"The liver in particular is usually the cause of this. It is attached to the diaphragm by two ligaments. The liver is the largest organ in the abdominal cavity and is situated in the upper right abdomen. Hence most people experience stitches on their right side, immediately below the ribs. A stomach full of food may cause this as well.

In addition, most runners are "footed". They begin and end a respiratory cycle on the same foot while running, usually in a stride to breathing ratio of 4:1 while jogging and 2:1 while running very fast. As the runner's breathing then becomes synchronized with his/her stride, exhalation consistently occurs on the same leg. If one repeatedly exhales (causing the diaphragm to move up) when the right foot hits the ground (forcing the organs on the right side of the body to move down), a side stitch may develop."

"The most effective way to prevent a side stitch is to avoid "shallow" breathing. Shallow breathing can be defined as taking in a small volume of air with each breath, using only a small portion of the total lung capacity. When this occurs while running, the diaphragm remains in a consistently high position and never lowers enough to allow the connective ligaments of the liver to relax. The diaphragm becomes stressed and a spasm or "stitch" results.

Instead, one should breathe "deeply", also known as "belly breathing" while running. This allows the diaphragm to fully lower and reduce the stress on it."

"A technique that is very successful in preventing side stitches while running, is to periodically "purse" the lips while exhaling, as if blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. Again, deep breathing is required to be effective. [eew so unglam!]

Another technique that helps, is to exhale as the left foot strikes the ground, instead of the right foot. The organs attached to the diaphragm on the left side of the body aren't as big as those on the right side, so there is less strain on the diaphragm. [yeah this helps.]
[just stretch lots and dun drink/eat too much lar]"

damn. getting sentimental.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and apple thorn;
Wire, briar, limber lock,
Three geese in a flock.
One flew east,
And one flew west,
And one flew over the cuckoo's nest.

a 1962 novel. will be an intersting read. ken kesey. shall check out the library later!

"Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is based largely on his experiences with mental patients. Through the conflict between Nurse Ratched and Randle Patrick McMurphy, the novel explores the themes of individuality and rebellion against conformity, ideas that were widely discussed at a time when the United States was committed to opposing communism and totalitarian regimes around the world. However, Kesey’s approach, directing criticism at American institutions themselves, was revolutionary in a way that would find greater expression during the sixties. The novel, published in 1962, was an immediate success.

With his newfound wealth, Kesey purchased a farm in California, where he and his friends experimented heavily with LSD. He soon became the focus of a growing drug cult. He believed that using LSD to achieve altered states of mind could improve society. Kesey’s high profile as an LSD guru in the midst of the public’s growing hysteria against it and other drugs attracted the attention of legal authorities. Kesey fled to Mexico after he was caught trying to flush some marijuana down a toilet. When he returned to the United States, he was arrested and sent to jail for several months.

In 1964, Kesey led a group of friends called the Merry Pranksters on a road trip across the United States in a bus named Furthur. The participants included Neil Cassady, who had also participated in the 1950s version of this trip with Jack Kerouac and company. The trip involved massive consumption of LSD and numerous subversive adventures. The exploits of the Merry Pranksters are detailed in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. This book became a must-read for the hippie generation, and much of the generation’s slang and philosophy comes directly from its pages.

Dale Wasserman adapted One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest into a play version that ran on Broadway in 1963, with Kirk Douglas! in the leading role. In 1975, a movie version was released without Kesey’s permission, directed by Milos Forman. It was extremely successful, though quite different from the novel. It was nominated for nine Academy Awards and swept the five major categories. As a result, for many people familiar with the film version, Randle McMurphy will forever be associated with Jack Nicholson, the famous actor who portrayed him."

! enjoyed myself today:) chem test wasn’t too hard. went with weili to see the men at espirit. they looked v tired. why do they want to do this? the resemblance btwn these men and the animals we put out on exhibition is disturbing. kids and old folk, and sm pple in rjc uniform hover ard in front of the glass hoping to see smth spectacular. the novelty wears off and pple walk off, and it quickly becomes a forgotten exhibit.

i bought the nightmare dvd! the last one left!! 'the vcds have been out of stock for years." but disappting:( it wasn’t as cute as i expected it to be. heh guess i really shldnt have set my hopes too high. watched what. 15 min of it? then decided to bike instead. called ros when we were at her gates, but she didn’t answer! 2 hrs. my butt is really sore. worst still, my knee hurts. q a bit. but woo yes we got to talk a lot today:) i dun disagree tt i say a lot of crazy things. and of course i am damn bad at expressing myself. i think it's because im used to pple interupting me and helping me complete my sentences tt i tend to trail off most of the time.

oh oh we wanted to go to kusu island. haha. just too bad tt the last boat leaves at 1pm on weekdays. maybe we can make it there nxt friday. what’s on kusu island anw? last i went, many2 yrs ago, i remember a large well where i got to throw a lot of coins in. and i got veg to feed turtles. saw sylvia tas lim at the ferry terminal.

tired out. too tired to watch potter. and i was dreading tt it might turn out even worse that nightmare. so i will rest at home tonight. haha. and u know what. i have to hand in my cloning essay by tmr. what’s it spozed to be abt?!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


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it was xhui's fault i look like a dork! ok it wasnt her fault. but omg!! my first photo posted online! and my comp actually didnt crash. ok, hasnt crashed yet. Posted by Hello