Saturday, January 31, 2004

well. am glad for the race today cos i got to catch up with abi, janice and andrea.. crazy x juniors! so gd to listen to their prattle. and join in too of course.. had a v nice long wait for the bus, then walked ard a lil w them. i miss rgs.. i miss the trngs esp with yilin, kit and rosh. and of course i remember the trngs when I was -the- junior [the only sprinter in my batch lar.].. fur, joanne, i wonder how they are now!

anw, disappted mr quek again. he told me tt i wasnt in the competition.. a race is spozed to be ran at interval trng speed, sustained. but i did it at almost 8km-run pace. it was honestly a very relaxed run/jog.. was running a lil w abigail, then caught up with kettle and i happily kept at tt pace. leaving trng [hockey] so early and doing alt sets of sm drills was wasted since i didnt push myself for the race.. oh well. i only can blame my weak willpower. and try to work on tt. so much for trying to psyche up, telling myself to stay w naijun, while stuck in the tangle of runners.

i am feeling q neutral abt it all. not angry/sad/etc lar. seriously. despite my pessimistic tone:p just disgusted with myself. as much as ge is disgusted with me. i cant say tt i am a sportsperson with this kinda attitude.

drank so much orange 'juice' im terribly sleepy now. glucose overload! they gave out snickers bars too. all races shld be like this. heh. oh i had a v nice surprise msg last night. dunno if the well wishes came as an afterthought or if it was meant to look like one. but am touched anw.

Friday, January 30, 2004

just had talk with joyce. i understand her feelings.. so am feeling kinda bad tt i wasnt of much comfort. but at least she -finally- made a decision: she isnt gonna run tmr.. having a legit reason to not run/run poorly certainly relieves a lot of pressure of having to run race. but at the same time, one is always obliged to still throw in tt last bit of effort. was surprised when joyce told me tt she has never competed/did smth more strenous in a sense when sick cos i can recall the many times i ran/swam,etc with fever, hfm [oh dear:p] and whatnot. but of course i knew (or thot i knew) my limits then la. i dun condone exerting oneself when down w the flu.. but i cant help but feel tt the lil risk is worth taking in view of the torture of lamenting tt 'i could have done it; so wasted' if i didnt even try.

wah. i obviously need essay writing lessons.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

am on a high!!!
had a great trng:) thx to all the girls for being so on, to coach nikhil and of course sir!:)

then got hassled by lil lulu or smth fm nxt door. she's so cute! but so terribly persistent. taught her a bit of hockey. but kept the stick when my glass cabinet almost got smashed.

v inspired by inspired-yingheng's inspiring phonecall. shall read up on membranes and try to make bio s exciting tmr. haha. time to take more photos using bean's and my phone?

today was a v cold day in sch. havent been so cold in spore outside of LT1 in a long time. ok out of pt but who knows if today's weather hit the lowest temp in many yrs?


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

click click. it's worrying me q a bit now. hasnt stopped clicking since yest. was just discussing it with ge this morn.. he told me to take things easy, get an xray done aft seasons, etc. woah pray i dun hafta do a scope like he did and end up immobile for q sm time. ge also mentioned my knees affecting my "lifestyle".. cant imagine killing it so soon and ending up a blob cos i cant run properly nxt time.

had team talk today. sir and siva said a lot of things tt made sense. and sounded good. sir said smth abt having players in the team tt can 'survive' the seasons. he doesnt see a pt in having who eventually only play one/two games and end up warming bench cos of injury, etc. hmm. this was q a trivial pt. was more touched by erm the other inspiring things mentioned. did i mention tt siva's letter to the team was v nice too?

blah. race on saturday. shld be fun. if i go in with the right attitude. at macritchie. see how things go la. each turn will be a surprise cos i havent run tt route before..

action for total defence is underway. woo. i am q optimistic abt it. i really hope tt there will be mass participation with 80% of the sch enjoying themselves? no palawan this year (dammit!) so a happening Total D Day is what we're banking on to save mundane sch life!

actually this week of sch hasnt been as bad as i expected. but it's lacking a certain punch! got v high for no reason for sm periods of time, but aft tt burst of energy, i feel a lot more spent than before. ah well. i am moping again.

pitch trng tmr!

Monday, January 26, 2004

dunno if the time i spent at home this morn was more constructive than it wld have been in sch.. but i am glad for tt lil extra break. i think i might almost have new-found zest for sch.

sch was pretty ok in the aftnn. 50min of running alone rd the field was D.B. boring!! but aft tt i got to see smone aft the long cny break. oh my i cant believe i am making such a brainless/bimbotic comment. but i realised tt if i made myself get sorta high over lil things like this, the day passes by so much faster. ahh! we were just at most 50 cm apart:) must say hi one day.

hockey was fun i guess though the game was 'so messy so messy'. i still dun havent gotten the basics right! sir told me to practice turning the stick at home.. i am so terribly impressed w how the guys play. let them be motivation.. i dun like the way sm pple always say tt we can never be as gd. ok, maybe tt's true, but it wld be nice to put things positively eh.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

wow. im seriously considering this:

hotel management's not exactly my dream job but w all the flying [assuming the best scenario materilises.. (!!)] it's close enough:p.. hmm but it entails econs.. guess priority now is to ace As. oh well.

been reading a lil abt dreams in sc/am mag. too chim to comprehend most of it, but can appreciate the beauty behind the mechanisms smwhat. i wanna read sigmund freud's book!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

a long long day today. just finished clearing up the house aft the family cum a few of my close friends' gathering. honestly, im a lot more used to having ge's friends ard; i just help bring them makan and stuff while they entertain themselves w soccer and whatnot. so initially, kinda weird when things were all so sluggish. v glad for mag. she makes things a lot more comfy. of course i love em and jo too. it was gd to laugh like hell as we caught up on each others life. sort of. but i wonder what my aunts/cousins thot? at least i talked to chunying a lil. :)

went out with mag aft sats. met sheng. he clipped on a not exactly aestatic fake earring, but nonetheless he was still q the charming j one boy. pool was terribly uneventful but i guess mag made two guys v v happy/crazy [for her]. mag really has tt power man. haha.

the waiting time for sats sucked big big time. wth. was at acjc at 730. the bloody paper started at 930. most ridiculous. i left 8 blanks. i didnt know tt tt would eliminate all possibilty of getting above 1500!! guess i will have to burn another $80:s arrgh. i will take it at an external centre the nxt time man. no more time wasting in schs.

well last min change of plans since mom messed up the calendar. it's off to aunty jane's for lunch, maybe a quick pop by at em's either before or after bean's. i need to swim/run a bit. oh my knee collasped just now. kinda scary.

Friday, January 23, 2004

hooah dinner at long beach. ge wasnt there, so all the food went to me. can die. too sleepy to whack the word list. still dunno what the scoring system is for sats. but meeting mag and co early tmr morn, so will familarise myself with the exam format then.

kinda weird, family gathering-for-dinner at my place tmr. mom's gonna be cooking and cooking lots again. with tt cold of hers. but she is looking forward to it. as on one weekend almost every mth when she churns out kampung rations of dinner. em and weijia, and hopefully, mag, jo and ivan will join us too. but shld be fun lar. but dun only bfs/gfs get invited to this kind of family thing? well my best friends are closest to tt i guess. hai. haha.

[billionaire qn: will ge bring moose home?!!]

remembering tt time kel brought mo and i to his aunt's place for sukiyaki. oh yum. and it was a v comfy experience. nice dogs. oh and i met lionel [if im not wrong] in town just the other day! with a lil girl! cute. i still cringe when i think of aunty betty and the one of the last few exchanges she had with me. i cant believe i appeared to have cheapened myself so.

off to bed. tackle sats for the first half of tmr, and its off to shop! today was disappting with all the shops closed:s

Thursday, January 22, 2004

woaah. totally stuffed. [i say this a lot. but i mean it. and everyone says tt i LOOK stuffed.] went visitg at q a few places today.. all relatives. fell asleep at almost all the houses. dunno why but i am still sleepy! ate tons of course. hmm. but smhow the new yr festive feeling is ebbing away too fast!

terribly impressed with lao gu's grasp of all the dialects and malay and tamil!! so sad tt he's getting so frail.

got surprise sms fm shihao. so so long since we last talked! [saw him and wming in town just before i came home last night. it's nice tt the crazy guys are still pals. if only i made an effort to keep in contact. well here's to shihao and all other old buddies i havent seen in a while!]

i wanna play ultimate frisbee. one more reason to be a j one.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

just back fm town w mag. we did smth illiegal/dishonest today. but it was worth the adrenalin rush. mag is just so crazy/daring. met lotsa pple in town, but we didnt get to 'bump' into the person we were praying to see! :s oh well sch will start again in no time lar.

was v lethargic this morn, dragging myself to sch so slowly tt xiaohui [yes xiaohui!] caught up with me fm the later train. haha. but settled a bit of total d stuff with mr loh, had a pineapple -bomb- fm ms poon, and lao-ed yusheng with 3f. (alfie was so hyper today it was really nice having sm small talk w him) x trng was shit. i gave in v quickly. creak creak. in a bit of pain now. [seeing an image of the prosthetic knee cap in one of the legs in body worlds..:s]

well reunion dinner in a while. mom and dad and xiaogu have all taken ill. :/ wishing them health this new yr!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

hooah. back fm the long queue at coldstorage to get yusheng for the class. ive been in a v cny mood these couple of days.. what with the tons of baking, visiting fm friendly neighbours/friends, etc.

oh not to forget the "class outing" to chinatown. weili better remember the pomelo. plus the sense to bring a knife or smth. it was interesting to see the streets of chinatown.. but just wasnt as festive or vibrant as i expected.. was 'touched' in a sense by the two old men at the road junction of smith st playing their harmonica and er hu.. the sprightly old man with the er hu was so.. blithe. the walk out of chinatown to the city was painful on the feet, but conversation made up for tt. yeah, i guess spore's has just these few places tt we can visit/stroll thru.. it gets boring but company is what counts! and each walk evokes memories of the previous trips there, but etches new ones for future walks i guess.

abt sch.. it has been shit. always feeling so lethargic. the past few lectures have been really bad. sang aft double lect today was one volcano man. and pe was how boring! laugh if u like: i was seriously psyched up [christine and xiaohui bore the brunt of my artless singing:p] but in the end, all we did were.. weights.

mtg aft sch was q deja vu of the previous mtgs with mr loh and maybe even the mtg with hodge.. but it looks like ms lui's a lil more receptive to our ideas. thru the course of these mtgs, i can see where the teachers are coming fm.. but i havent been brilliant enough to come up with ways to assure them tt we wont botch up or smth. oh well lotsa problems to solve. ms lui also asked us why our projected turnout for "batch" project was only 200-300. i couldnt explain. i still cant. why do i expect less than half the pple we are putting in this effort for turn up?

bleargh. terribly disjointed thots. off to shower. sleep.
and its cny celebs tmr!! can see qianli's lion dance troupe.. other than tt.. i dunno what to expect.. hope to catch fauziah before i head home![aft trng] i also need to do new yr shopping!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

slpy but binging. despite the huge dinner at em’s place also. the house just blacked out.

anw i had a lot of fun tonight! funny how i only got to talk to em before everyone else came cos i was the first one to reach her place. then i spent the sm time talking to kai and jon, then most of the night was laughing lots with jo!, ivan amos and maybe nik. finally got to know kumweng too- tt poor tired dishwasherboy.. anw i found it v apt when jo mentioned tt there were obviously 2 grps of pple at em’s party.. i am v glad for the company of the grp i was with. wow!

race today was BAD. was what. 43rd 44th? fat chance for a shot at nats. am v disappted. yes i told myself to have no worries, just 'try' but guess i was only deceiving myself. i wanted to do well despite the skipping of trngs and giving up halfway etc.. but woah the going today was damn tough. felt v schizophrenic thru the run cos i was fighting internally to keep going. it was MY run, i hadta convince myself tt i wanted to finish it properly. which was kinda hard.

the worse feeling abt already doing badly is tt of disappting others.. mr quek and of course mr ho.. mr quek told me tt i under performed cos my first-race jitters got the better of me. but i really felt tt i cannot go any faster!! whined like hell, together w joyce.. i really felt like crying for no gd reason. endorphines werent pdced today! i really cant imagine tt theres another race in two weeks. i wanna quit just like tt. but what mr quek told his wife was v touching. and if he really meant it.. i cant just tell him tt i cant tahan the breathlessness/fatigue right. tt is so ..weak.

ohohoh. mo called! he always calls when i'm jittery. like last time just before jap ao's when i knew tt i was screwed for t paper. we talked lots.. laughed lots.. it was interactive this time.. i didnt just listen and make stupid lil comments.

the conversations i had today made me feel 'older' in sm sense. lotsa jokes, no serious topics.. but there's just this " " [i cant find the right word to describe it:x] air abt it. like what i used to observe when ge was talking to his friends.. i think im experiencing the same sort of thing.. its a v v nice feeling.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

will make greater effort to do lil things to let pple feel gd-
a lil gift made my day a bit more bearable tho my day really wasnt v bad, just a typical day..

getting lost in physics, dying during histo lect, having a quiet lunch w the class at ghim moh, etc.. the worst was when i was dreading the shuttling betwn hockey and x today.. (yes, the shuttling itself wasnt too bad; the aftnn just zoomed past and b4 i knew it, i was at the ts fields enjoying the game.) oh worse still was when i simply couldnt complete my 8 km run with tt stupid strain fm PE (!!) and when i was just striding up and down during hand hockey/soccer (btw tt game really demoralised me wrt the athletic abilities of girls: 8+sir against 3 guys!!)

i'm v v touched by luyi's msg.. it's so sweet of her. yes. even sir asked me to sub out today if i was tired. (i did.) did i look tt lethargic? was trying to psyche up, but the run just drained all my mental lar. i wont burn out.. right? well, considering i wasnt born an athlete.. i better watch it i know. oh well. off to bed to recharge. woo.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

"What to do but like Michelangelo Adam put my hand out into unknown space hoping for the reciprocating touch."

!! tracy chapman is a she !!

woah. home to smell of cookies, had tons aft dinner. slpy. but this is q -the- life.. reaching home in time for dinner with parents, enjoying post dinner munches without worrying abt falling asleep halfway thru supper..

my water spillage during phys lect today was terribly embarrassing. feeling so klutzy. it's not even funny actually.

lalaland beckons once more. i'm almost always sleepy and hungry.

Monday, January 12, 2004

"if u have a tender msg
or a loving word to say
do not wait till u forget it
but whispher it today.
the tender word unspoken,
the letter never sent.
the long forgotten msgs,
the wealth of love unspent-
for these some hearts are breaking,
for these some hearted ones await;
so show them tt u care for them
before it is too late.

--fm hiap luh to christine.

been feeling kinda detached the past two days..
highlight on sunday would be the aomori immersion of course. kinda xian having fourteen yr old japs ard, and old grownup sporeans, but managed to click with sm of them aft all! haha. there was yu-ji kun [the monster!!] who intends to join johnny juniors! or smth like tt. kakoiinaa. and he's v v cute! and there was shyukicchi kun of course.. the one tt goes 'chyotto chyotto' for me to give him advice on what to get for his kanojyoo. he's v nice! hope he doesnt lose my add so i can get the pics we all took! walked ard the city hall area for erm 7 hrs? it was q tsumaranai at times, but i guess the quiet talks i had with shyukicchi and the nonsense fm lincoln and yuji made up for tt.

mr ho msged me to see him today when i was free. dunno why but was super apprehensive. well, he explained the situation i lie in.. and honestly i dunno what to do! just try my best lar.. tt's what i always say. maybe it's too fu1 yan2? but tt's what i believe in what.. so try i will. ahh!! race this weekend!! so many implications if i run/ dun run [choy] this race well. ahh! but it will be fun:)

anw i had a lot of fun during the few min of kicking ball with chethan and shengrong aft everyth ended today.. even tho it wasnt much, it was therapeutic. must say tt i'm terribly impressed with our soccer boys! they deserve winning man.

onto anarchism. hai.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

i'm so happy for luyi!:) am v v touched tt she msged me to tell me.. becos i'm her "great hockey pal!" well hope hockey isnt the only thing binding us together. her msg lifted my spirits lots!

feeling q shit cos of the pain, i think. and all the crap i've stuffed myself w at home today. and the listlessness of yest just washed over the lil excitement i felt during o night. i think i know why. oh well.

onto jap immersion tmr.

hope i dun hafta hobble down any ramps/ stairs tmr in frnt of everyone. cheers to all pple with tt feeling of wonderment tt lu is experiencing! :)

Friday, January 09, 2004

hooah. im damn psyched. just back fm o nite. v stuffed. v fun.. was feeling xian the whole day today.. drifting in and out of listlessness then restlessness [esp during pe and bio s. ugh]. glad i stayed for the night.

i miss orientation!! i wanna be a j1!

hung ard with the pjc crashers, crashed sm ogs, jumped ard with them, etc. it wasnt v wow. but still like raihan said, he could "feel the atmosphere" [even tho he was hiding on the spex gal.] and the pj pple esp ivan said [ok, maybe out of politeness] tt our o nite was happening.

cabbed home with him just now. damn funny! he was wondering why the moon shifted. and was insisting on being able to see the moon and the sun at the same time, at say 1 o'clock or smth. crazy guy. and all his lousy mat jokes.. got a lift home with the woodlands ruggers last night, and it was q entertaining to say the least. i like relaxed, laughing cab rides home like this.

fac i was a success. i think. i hope. well the pple playing frisbee on my side didnt look murderous like i bet i did last yr during our fac i. and got to meet a pair of twins! so alike! it was q funny.

well onto trng tmr. my quads are dead [hard- haha].
ought to slp soon. hmm i realise i have to make a conscious attempt to eat and slp smtimes though i definitely overdo them most of the time..

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


shawn/sean is how cute! haha. must bring him out swimming one day. he has the height/length to be an athlete! kb and family are downstairs. its nice to have pple just pop by aft dinner for a chat.

frisbee was damn fun again today. did my 40min run with joyce.. i wanna join nus biathlon for the shirt. haha. and it will be q q different fm last yrs bi i think.. much larger scale with tons of zhai pple ard. fat chance for a lucky shot at the medals this time but hey: the experience!

was damned stoned aft xtrng, [the sch was how crowded just now, terribly distracting with all the pple crawling ard.] but got so so hyped up during frisbee! must go down to brewerks one day. "hooah."

fac i's tmr. was too too shagged to buy the missing cd cases. and wld have made parents a lil unhappy/worried if i had gone aft trng anw. so.. sorry.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

wow. i know what i really want [ok, but not need] now!! "one planet"!! the photo journal by "lonely planet"-- my dream employer!! those pics are how nice! and maybe they'll inspire me further to seriously pursue my dream career.. if only i wasnt so poor fm the cabs ive been taking. i WANT tt book!

well had ok day. messed up fac thing of course, but hell, will take the elders' advice and do best for smth tt may seem less exciting to me, but might potentially have greater impact than tt -big event-. might.

v slack day actually.. dozed off lots, had a long long talk for pe, refused to run with joyce aft pe, chose to munch and talk with mag instead. heh. we go thru our "ups and downs" together!

v slpy. lazy more like it.

Monday, January 05, 2004

hwah. shagged. but v amazed w myself:p considering the level of alertness/energy i had at 12nn today in ts14. i will go crazy seeing those ugly yellow walls everyday! ..ran 12 rounds for x-trng [300m x 12, 75s] then had hockey trng: 30 min jog, 50m x 16 of acceleration/deceleration excises etc. played frisbee at the end though!

['C'oncentration] ['C'omeon!] my [C] is kinda low now. was v impressed with sir's seriousness abt being a gd coach. was already wowed by the books on his table. and him 'interviewing' me. was v touching. i hope i dun disappt him. i really want to make it to team!! will work on my terrible left-hand turn of the stick.

sir asked me to consider taking on so many things in my j2 yr.. was kinda apprehendsive when he painted the worse case scenario. but i hope to turn the tables ard.. will try. i hope i know when i'm beginning to drown. dun wanna turn blue in the face before realising tt i need to throw down the canned food in my life vest. [what a terrible analogy.]

well. i was asking myself ge's qn: why so chiong this yr? guess like ive said before, last yr wasnt too eventful.. so maybe i wanna do more. and i need mental strength. think im kinda weak there.. like i kept telling mr ho tt i didnt wanna run anymore today. but having finished it, nxt mon/wed i can tell myself tt ive done smth as crazy/stupid [in sm pple's words] before. so i can do it again.

anw. abt faction. palawan!!:s i want to cry. cant divulge much to anyone.. told only weili so far cos i was bursting during bio lect today. the anxiety was all for nothing!! hai. "so disappting" is all i can say. was blasting eugene just now cos i had no other avenue to do so. oops. but was feeling super wth abt sm pple's attitude lar.

well. am off to slp. weili stunned me today by saying tt he was heading home to study for sats. i better too. will wake early tmr [i hope i can] to read sm, must keep away my novels already:s, and make waffles for ge! haha.

crashing. so is ashraf. wah. i must learn to tahan trng man.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

just back fm msia. haha q crazy to brave the jam just for dinner eh. but guess i can still afford the time and effort [it's nerve wrecking having dad drive thru a jam:p] now. when sch and stuffs really take their toll.. hehe.

terribly sleepy but smth's just bugging. cant figure out what. maybe i'm just too full to sleep. am not looking forward to trying to arrange fac i prep, x trng and hockey trng tmr aftnn/evening.

and my sore foot. just a small wound but it's q on the ball of my foot, so irritating. tetanus:
"Tetanus, commonly called lockjaw, is a bacterial disease that affects the nervous system. It is contracted through a cut or wound that becomes contaminated with tetanus bacteria. The bacteria can get in through even a tiny pinprick or scratch, but deep puncture wounds or cuts like those made by nails or knives are especially susceptible to infection with tetanus. Tetanus bacteria are present worldwide and are commonly found in soil, dust and manure. Infection with tetanus causes severe muscle spasms, leading to "locking" of the jaw so the patient cannot open his/her mouth or swallow, and may even lead to death by suffocation. Tetanus is not transmitted from person to person.
Common first signs of tetanus are a headache and muscular stiffness in the jaw (lockjaw) followed by stiffness of the neck, difficulty in swallowing, rigidity of abdominal muscles, spasms, sweating and fever.
Symptoms usually begin 8 days after the infection, but may range in onset from 3 days to 3 weeks.

well. i'm aching all over. but i'm still chewing happily. hmm lets see in a weeks' time eh.


Saturday, January 03, 2004

"Big hill ahead. When the going is tough, don't lament - it's a waste of breath. Yeah, lamenting feels good, but gets no one anywhere. Switch gears, keep up the cadence and keep on moving. All you need to do is pedal, one stroke at a time. So long as you keep pedalling, the peak gets nearer and nearer. And at the peak, enjoy the view or just coast down!"

"Sometimes, the terrain and weather are for me. Sometimes, they are against me. When I accept I can't change the terrain or the weather, I enjoy the ride better. Which is so much like life."

smashing morn and early aftnn..
xtrng, then hockey teamtalk, preseason napfa test, frisbee!!, lunch. a lot of thots. but will keep it here. [points to heart/head]

cldnt get much slp just now though i was really v tired.. body was still v fired up. and prolly too full to rest also.

foot thru [ok, just slightly into, more like it] which nail went hurts. hobbling ard the house now. but ge's confirmed tt i wont get tetanus. hope i can walk properly tmr. dang. means i cant go swimming tmr in case it gets infected.


Friday, January 02, 2004

well. first day of sch rocked. till the mtg at 530. wth. really teared when i heard the devastating news. first, fac night, now this. my self worth will will really drop if i cant do anyth constructive soon.. the stay-on aft the official mtg wasnt constructive im sorry. but i was at a complete loss. considerably calmed down enough aft all the comfort foods [mom baked lapis!] though tt is damn unhealthy. has a nice lil chat with raihan on way home.. i cant really talk to ahmad.. its always abt the same stuff. pity.

and fac i souvenirs. what a mess! will try settle it tonight.

anw i had a great time last night.. aft mtg chunying and yakking for almost 4 hrs? was out with mom dad ge. really had a whale of a time.. eating, shopping, laughing lots. been a while since dad was so crazy and mom in such a festive mood. v contagious. ge bought me a new sweater! i think [and he thinks] tt its nice. but wasnt well received in sch. oh well-I like it. wow. best thing abt having lotsa fun with ur family, is tt u re still happy when u reach home.

i want to be the 6th person on the team.


(from yesterday)

i feel like such a farmer girl. wake up, have a hearty breakfast of waffles [ok, only fat farmer girls do this] then off to a refreshing swim in the creek nearby [fine, i went to the pool. but ive got such lovely pics of sm creek in us!] then came home to the smell of baking apple cake. yes my mom is baking AGAIN. everyday! anw today i helped out. baked choc chip cookies [really gd. no the sickly sweet ones tt give u a sticky throat. and learnt tt they are 'soft' when hot and crunchy when cooled] oh my mom's in a baking frenzy, coming out with 'samples' for the cny Big Bake. haha. so meanwhile, i'll just let my sore throat drag on as the epicure in me critiques.

anw. was thinking abt a farm cos of all the ingredients we used today. everyth's aussie, fm the applesauce to the choc chips, to the milk i used to wash down the cake and cookies:p i would like to have my parents or smone's parents own a farm in tasmania or any part of aust so long as it isnt the desert, and a load of us just go there to stay for two/three weeks? wow. getting our own milk fm neighbouring farms [which are at least 2/3/4 km away?] baking everyday so we have bread, lovely fresh bread every morn, aftnn and night, picking fruits fm our own fruit trees, or fm our neighbours' orchard [cherries! strawberries!] making our own icecream! running thru the fields, swimming... just relishing in each other's company. WOW.

i must stop living in dreamworld.

off to meet chunying for 'tea'. then dinner at fish and co with mom. she's in such a festive mood it's infectious! the countdown on tv last night was damn substd. so degrading on us sporeans. cant mediacorp at least get pple who can speak decent english on the show? i cringe.